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  • John_Lee_medium
    October 13, 2012
    John Lee Joo For, who is known as John recently celebrated his 80th birthday. This was celebrated with much fanfare of an artist who have come a long way since his humble beginnings, charting his career in the Malaysian art scene. Born in 1929, he is known for his exemplary work in promoting and development in art while he is also involved in various other segments of the Malaysian art scene.
  • malaysia-artist-rafieeghani1
    June 17, 2012
    As an artist, Rafiee has been actively involved in shows in both private and public galleries and art spaces around the world.
  • Date
    February 10, 2016
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  • malaysia-teohjoongee
    October 11, 2012
    Teoh Joo Ngee is one of the fine artists from Malaysia. Born in 1970 in Bukit Mertajam in Penang, Joo Ngee’s art is well established where she has had her works showcased in public and private art spaces around the country and abroad.
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