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Living Arts Dance Studio

Living Arts Dance Studio

The Living Arts Dance Studio is a multi-arts performing arts centre for children and adults. Fondly know as LA, this multi-arts centre offers dancing and performing arts classes for children and women where they are known to be the best in quality and service among others. the Living Arts Dance Studio was established by Teresa […]

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Collectors Guide

Should you and how could you buy art directly?

As an art collector, you basically have 2 objectives. The first is as a form of investment while the second is all about passion and interest. If you are buying art for investment then you will surely want to have every cents worth of it, meaning that you will want to buy a piece of […]

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Is it true that the artists’ earlier works are more valuable?

You would have in your collection a wide range of art in your collection where there would be some old art and surely new ones. Surely, the begging question would be whether your old art would be valuable as it has been around for many years now. Unlike antiques, the older the art is does […]

Read more » is one of the most exciting movers of the Malaysian art scene recently having pushed Malaysian arts into a whole new realm and platform for artists and practitioners to exhibit and showcase their work. Our mission at is simple, that is to promote the art industry both within Malaysia and abroad. This is the most ideal platform for everybody to engage and indulge into the arts where we bring the most relevant and interesting happenings around the art scene to your fingertips. More about

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