Malaysian Artists

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  • Yeo Eng Peng

    For someone like Yeo Eng Peng, the current contemporary Malaysian art scene might be a bit out of place for him as he is one of the serious watercolour artist of the modern community. One thing about Yeo is that he injects so much realism into his watercolour works that at times, they look more like acrylic paintings.
  • Sharmiza Abu Hassan

    Sharmiza Abu Hassan is Malaysian artist who graduated from the MARA University of Technology in Shah Alam with a Bachelor in Fine Art. She comes from Taiping in Perak where she was born in 1972 and is among the few female Malaysian artists who is known for her sculpture works and the more 3-dimensional visual works.
  • Dato’ Chuah Kooi Yong

    Dato’ Chuah Kooi Yong is one of the most active Malaysian artists today. Apart from having been involved in the development and growth of his artistic […]
  • Yeoh Jin Leng

    Yeoh Jin Leng belongs to one of the earlier generation of Malaysian artists. Born in 1929 in Ipoh, JinLeng’s work has been widely regarded to be one of the best among his peers and in the Malaysian art scene. JinLeng studied at the Anderson School in his hometown before embarking to a teaching course at the Malayan Teachers’ College in Kirkby in Liverpool.
  • Md. Yusoff bin Othman

    Md Yusoff bin Othman is a Malaysian artist and is one of the earlier generation figures of the Malaysian art scene.
  • Mohd Fauzi Sedon

    Mohd Fauzi Sedon is one of the established Malaysian fine artists who has been making waves in the Malaysian art scene since graduating from the MARA […]
  • Ashly Nandong

    Ashly Nandong is an emerging Malaysian artist, who studies the Borneo traditional ’Sapeh’ lute, traditional Dayak dance (performs dances of the Iban and Orang Ulu sub-ethnic Dayak people group of Sarawak) and is a self-thought contemporary visual artist incorporating Dayak designs which he inherits and continues to promote through his artistic endeavours.