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December 29, 2015
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Chong Siew Ying
Chong Siew Ying is a Malaysian artist who has established herself as one of the most popular contemporary artist in the region. Born in 1969, Siew Ying’s work has brought her around the world where her works have been showcased in art spaces and galleries in many countries. Born in Kuala Lumpur, she went to Paris to study art in 1990 and 8 years later returned to put up her first solo show then. In 1999, she was the artist-in-residence with the widely reputable Rimbun Dahan Malaysian-Australian Artist Residency programme. She would also undergo a similar programme in 2001 at the United States’ Vermont Studio Centre which will propel her to further cement her art works in the industry.

Her work is known to be highly emotive while depicting her take on common themes like human psychology and nature. Siew Ying is currently based in Paris in France as well as in Kuala Lumpur where she is actively involved with producing artwork for exhibitions and showcases. Her education in art came through when she studied in the P J College of Arts and Design in the late 1980s where she then went to the L’Ecole Des Beaux-Arts, Versailles and the L’Atelier 63 (Etching School) Paris in France.
Chong Siew Ying’s art work is known to be profoundly emotive where her images are highly contrasted to be provide a loud and strong message. Her works were seen in solo shows like that “Many Splendoured Things” at the  Valentine Willie Fine Art gallery in  Kuala Lumpur while they have also travelled to surrounding countries like Singapore as well. Apart from that, Siew Ying’s works too have been exhibited in the United States where she has had a solo show at the “Freeman Asian Artist Fellowship Exhibition” at the Red Mile Gallery in Vermont Studio Center in Vermont, USA. Shows in France include that which was held in Bagnolet and Paris.

In many ways, Siew Ying used a lot of human emotions as the main object of her paintings which involve accompanying objects to further convey the message. One would see that the human face form the main object which could be the emotion of someone screaming but is surrounded by flowers which provides a balance to some extent. Her works are also seen at various group exhibitions around Malaysia including Wei Ling Gallery, the National Art Gallery as well as in Valentine Willie Fine Art gallery, a firm collector of Siew Ying’s artwork.