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October 12, 2012
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Chuah Siew Teng

Known for his excellent technique in working with the batik medium, Chuah Siew Teng is a veteran in the Malaysian art scene, bringing with him a vast range of experience. Siew Teng has a reputation of a brilliant artist in this segment where he is one of the most celebrated Malaysian artists today. He comes from Penang and was born in 1944 where he had long established himself and cement a place among Malaysian artists before he finished his education in 1965 at the Ravensburne College of Art and City & Guild Art School in England.

Chuah Siew Teng’s Chuah’ Exhibitions

He learnt of his interest in batik art through his father Chuah Thean Teng, who is a master in this art form where Siew Theng would go on and win the ‘Art Prize’ in 1961 through to 1963 consecutively. He would also win the ‘Certificate of Merit’ a year after that before taking home a prize at that Malaysia Artist Competition a year after that. It was after all this that he graduated from Ravensburne which proved how talented this ‘batik guru’ is. On top of that, Siew Theng is also known to be one of the major advocates of Malaysian culture where he had lectured on batik techniques in London as well as in Australia previously.


 Abstract Painting – Bull Love by Chuah
NN Gallery – House Painting  Railway-Station by Chuah
 Ladies painting by Chuah 5inoiloncanvas
 Beautiful Lady by Chuah   babyandmother