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Dato’ Mohammed Hoessein Enas(1924 – 1995)

Mohamed Hoessein Enas is considered to be one of the earliest generations of Malaysian artists. Born in 1924 in Bogor in Java, he came to the country in 1947 and is known for his European realistic paintings. A member of the Fellow Royal Society of Arts, Hossein’s work has spanned across many mediums where his reputation as a portrait artist is known to be one of the best in the art scene, particularly his works on the Malaysian royalty portraits. Hoessein Enas’ work is known throughout the community for his brilliance in bringing into life still life and exuding the elegance evidently projected.

He was the founder of the Majlis Kesenian Melayu which eventually became the Angkatan Pelukis Semenanjung which was dedicated in producing artworks of the Malay tradition. He was also a member of the the Board of Trustees and the former head of Design and Staging Services of the national RTM (Radio dan Televisyen Malaysia). He was then appointed as the Royal Portrait Painter by His Royal Highness the Sultan of Selangor in 1990. Hoessein Enas passed away in 1995 leaving behind a legacy of heritage and artwork in the royal halls and walls which are irreplaceable until today.

Artworks By Dato’ Mohammed Hoessein Enas

Legong Dancer Tunku Abdul Rahman – Oil On Canvas
Silat by Dato Mohammed Hoessein Enas Portrait of Zoebaidah
 Lady by Dato Mohammed Hoessein Enas   Memetik daun Tembakau di Kelantan