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Eric Quah

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Eric Quah is a Malaysian born artist who comes from Taiping Perak. Born in 1946, he uses art as a representation of his life journey where he states to make him feel like a gypsy. This is because he has lived in many countries throughout his life that include his home in Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and China while travelling to other continents across Asia and to Europe. In doing so, he has been able to see life from various perspectives, a privilege not enjoyed by many.

Eric’s earlier works were known to be more romantic in many ways and one could see the gradual change in his works as he travelled more throughout his life. He now continues his art in Penang where he draws out his memories and injects them into his paintings and artwork. His past works and records see him travelling to many parts of the world where he has previously been the an art teacher in Malaysia. He also studied under the old Malaysian greats namely Lee Cheng Yong, Chuah Thean Teng and Chia Hui Kiam while he also studied and practiced art in Austrlia. He is the founding president of the Asia Pacific Art Organization and had previously visited Istanbul, New Delhi, Myanmar, Cambodia and Thailand, among many other countries.

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To The New Millenium: Eric Quah

 Eric Quah Voyage  Lima-Ratus
Eric Quah WIndows  Love Rice
Ferns At Janda Baik  Uncle in Teochew
 Hall Of Fame  Contemporary-paintings-of-Eric-quah


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