Khaw Sia

Khaw Sia


Khaw Sia is a China born artist who migrated to Penang and made this place his home. He graduated from the Sung Hua Academy in 1932 in Shanghai where he met Xu BeiHong, one of the most famous Chinese brush artists ever lived who commended highly on his work. He would then learn from Sir Ruseel Flint in England on watercolour techniques which pretty much shape his east and west integration of artistic techniques. Using the Malaysian culture as his objects and subject matter, Khaw Sia’s work is unique and original as it has a fusion of the various elements of his life.

Here is where one is able to appreciate the manner by which Khaw Sia expresses himself. His background and natural talents in Chinese art and the techniques of English watercolouring and the subject matter of the Malaysian lifestyle and culture. So great are his works that some has been inducted into the most prestigious spaces in the world that include the Royal Academy Annual Exhibition in London, the Royal Water Colour Society Exhibition in London as well as the Paris Salon Annual Exhibition. Khaw Sia passed away at the age of 71 in 1984 but his works live on and today it still can be seen in various spaces that include the permanent collection of the National Art Gallery of Malaysia

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Khaw Sia artworks exibition

 Artist Khaw Sia kampung Artist Khaw Sia painting
 Artist Khaw Sia townscape  Artist Khaw Sia Red Cattleya
 Artist Khaw Sia  Artist Khaw Sia trees
 Artist Khaw Sia Indian Rubber Tappers


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