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Khoo Sui Hoe

Khoo Sui Hoe is born in 1939 from Kedah. He is one of Malaysia’s foremost fine artists who graduated from the prestigious and highly reputable Nanyang Academy of Art in Singapore. He also studied in the United States where he obtained his education through the Pratt Graphic Center in New York back in 1974. Where his works are concerned, Sui Hoe’s work is abstract and colourful and one can see that such expressions come through with many years of experience.

His record speaks a lot about this artist as he has had many exhibitions throughout the world. In fact, he has had more than 40 solo shows and these have travelled throughout to the likes of Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, Taipei, Melbourne, Adelaide, Honolulu, New York, Washington D.C., Houston, and Shanghai and many more while some have been sold off at international auction houses like Christie’s Sotheby’s and Henry Butcher.

He has won various awards as an artist including receiving the Certificate of Merits from the Las Vegas Art Museum and the First prize in Oil at the Malaysian Art & Craft Competition in 1965. His most recent solo exhibition was held at the Pipal Fine Art gallery in 2011 while he also had a show at the Arkansas Studies Institute Galleries in Little Rock in the United States.

The Painted World of Khoo Sui Hoe

 Painting by Khoo Sui Hoe  Landscapes through the Years
Khoo Sui Hoe Two Divers  Neal Auction Company
Khoo Sui Hoe’s – Take a Cloud and Fly  Portrait of a Girl
 KSH Night Watches  The Wedding