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Lui Cheng Thak

Lui Cheng Thak is one of Malaysia’s foremost fine artists. He was born in Negri Sembilan in 1967 where he graduated with a Diploma in Art and Design from the Kuala Lumpur of Art in 1989 in Kuala Lumpur. His works are said to be filled with history and heritage as he is very much involved with working around historical buildings, structures as well as street life around the country. Cheng Thak’s work is known to encircle around panting old buildings and structures from what he sees around Kuala Lumpur as well as the historical states of Penang and Malacca.

Lui Cheng Thak’s Exhibitions

His intention of working around these works was to keep the country’s architectural treasures through his paintings as with modernisation, most of such structures have been torn down to make way for development. Having painted so much on the exterior of the buildings, Cheng Thak’s work have since moved ‘inside’ into the interiors where his recent works depict the life and styles of what is happening from within the walls of the historical structures. His works use a lot of contrasting colours and he is known to have worked on painting window frames from inside looking out and such where he has already won several awards throughout his career in the art scene.

Talented artist Cheng Thak Lui is back with a new solo exhibition

Pride of the nation: Lui Cheng Thak Masterpieces

 Harmony Blessed depicts a contented family  Lui Cheng Thak paints Windows
The Repertoire lui Cheng Tak Chinatown  Lui Cheng Thak
The Repertoire Lui Cheng Tak Chap Kim Teck Bee jln Kasturi  Talented artist Cheng Thak Lui is back with a new Solo Exhibition
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