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October 11, 2012
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October 11, 2012
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Redza Piyadasa is a renowned Malaysian fine artist. He comes from Kuantan and was born in 1939 where he received his early education at the Sekolah Abdullah in Kuantan. He obtained his ‘Certificate in Education’ from the Institute of Education at the University of Birmingham in England where he would continue to study at the Hornsey College of Art in England where he obtained his Diploma in Art and Design in 1963. Redza would then progress to finish his Post-Graduate Studeies at the Art Department of the University of Hawaii, at Honolulu in Hawaii in 1997 7 where he majored in Aisan Art History Studies and Graduate Sculpture Studies where he finished his MAF (Master in Fine Arts) there.


Redza has a strong reputation of a great artist where he brings with him some vast experience and a unique blend of body of work. The former recipient of the ‘Prince Claus Award’, which is his most notable achievement as an artist, his works are known to encircle around the fusion of art and history. Redza passed away in 2007 leaving behind a trail of legacy which is known to be unmatchable and his works irreparable. His colourful paintings of historical figures and people in an art form so many years into the future is one unique element which will not be seen in many years to come.

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Farewell by Redza Piyadasa

 Contempary Art by Redza Piyadasa Plant Scape
Leaflet. BY Redza Piyadasa Redza Piyadasa’s Two Malay Women
Admonition by Redza Piyadasa Seated Malay Girl
 PETALING-JAYA The Haji Family by Redza Piyadasa