November 17, 2019

Ceramic art

The area of ceramic art is said to originate from pottery art. This is because ceramic art involves the creation of tiles, tableware and other objects

Composition in art

The term ‘composition’ has often been used in art because it is considered to be one of the most unique techniques of any artist. Basically, composition

Digital Art

Digital art is one of the more modern art form where it incorporates digital technology as part of the process in making art. Despite the name

Glass Art

Glass art is commonly used to refer to artwork which is often large and is more modern. Basically, they are called glass art because they are

Installation Art

The area of installation art is an exciting art form because it provides a very different way of making art. Installation art is very different from

Mixed Media

Mixed media is a term used in visual art where it refers to the producing of any artwork using more than one type of media. Basically,

Mural Art

Mural art is referred to as an art form which is applied directly on a surface of a building. This would usually be a wall while

Paper Art

Paper art is known as a type of art form that is often intertwined with the crafts. This is because paper art requires a certain amount

Pastel Art

Pastel art is basically a type of art medium which is often associated with crayons. One must be aware that pastel and crayons are 2 different


The art of printmaking covers many techniques. Basically it is an art form where involves printing and this would usually be on paper. Printmaking differs from

Sculpture Art

Sculpture art is one of the oldest art form where it is considered to be a niche in the art scene today. This is mainly because

Seascape Art

Seascape art is one of the many types of visual art form where the artist basically paints a scenery that involve the sea. Winslow Homer’s 1904

Silkscreen Painting

Silkscreen paintings are often associated with the likes of screen painting and are sometimes related to the art of print making. This is because it is

Still Life Art

Still life art is often association with paintings. It is basically a work of art where the artist paints a certain combination of objects which could

Street Painting

Street painting is one of the more modern type of art form which have been attracting a lot of attention recently. Street painting, as the name

Where and how to buy good art?

Even if you have the money to buy art, that does not mean that you just go out to the market and buy just about every

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