Established in 2009 by renowned curator Simon Soon and Sharon Chin, who is a visual artist, Arteri is generally a ‘virtual’ art movement which is involved with everything on art and culture in Malaysia. The team is made up of another established curator Eva McGovern as well as Dill Malik who is in charge of the administrative issues.

Where this is concerned, Arteri has been instrumental in providing and disseminating the information and resources about art and culture of Malaysia in cyberspace.Here is where one would be able to read and discuss almost anything to do with the Malaysian art scene as well as those happening around the region. Languages which are used to communicate to the members are English Language as well as in Bahasa Malaysia.

One can expect a wide array of resources which are written and produced through various channels like essays, profiles, interviews, cartoons and many more. Typically, Arteri is created to offer art to the general public.

This is where the team works relentlessly to offer a fun, friendly and accessible way of putting art to the general public

The movement encourages dialogues, discussion and communication between the stakeholders in the art scene which include curators, collectors, gallery owners, critics, audiences and most importantly, the artists themselves.

This makes Arteri unique in its own nature as it is made up of what they term ‘labour of love’ which is passion for art that drives the project. Grants have been channelled from the Tabung Bantuan Seni of the National Art Gallery as well as from the Art Fund provided by MATAHATI.

Arteri is a non-active movement at the time of publishing this article.

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