MAP stands for Malaysian Art Platform. As its name implies, it is a platform used to promote the arts and culture of Malaysia to the general public. In MAP, here is where one is able to find one of the most recently established avenue and space to help and assist the players of the Malaysian art scene to get their works known and showcased.The platform serves as an instrument that will help Malaysian artists express and experiment their ideas to art lovers in the region. Founded in 2010 and operating from its space in Jalan Dutamas in Kuala Lumpur, MAP is opened daily from Mondays to Saturdays from 11am to 6pm where it offers art practitioners the unique opportunity to have their works showcased within its walls. Promoted as a meeting point between art and culture producers and their audiences, here is where one would be able to find a space which is conducive for expression and perfect for showcase.

MAP offers 2 main spaces for artists and practitioners to showcase their body of work. White Box is a 6,000 square feet gallery which is spacious enough for paintings, sculptures and other type of artwork while they also have the Black Box which is a 250 seat experimental theatre designed and built for performing artists to showcase their talents as well as to express their art form to the intended audiences. This means that MAPKL art space offers an ideal location for artists from all disciplines to reach their audiences in a splendid environment.


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