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ADAH or Abu Dhabi Art Hub welcome the art world

Initiatives in art have gone big-scale in recent years with governments and their respective ministries taking the initiative to spearhead and jump-start their own art industries. In Malaysia, the art scene was given some fresh starts not only within the Ministry of Information Communication and culture but also by the Ministry of Tourism.

The latest government to join this type of initiative is Dubai where it recently opened the ADAH or Abu Dhabi Art Hub. According to the founder of ADAH, Ahmed Saleh Al Yafei, it goes to show that the government of Dubai is pushing for big and art-related projects with this effort. In fact, they are planning to put Abu Dhabi on the world map of art.

There are countless programmes scheduled to run which among them include a residency programme, studio spaces and spaces for art-related companies which are all housed within the building in the Musaffah quarter. Basically, with the large finances that the government could afford, they will surely be designing and bringing together a complete eco-system for art at ADAH. There are places to stay, live-work spaces, eateries and places for art suppliers to operate around ADAH for sure.

Al Yafei added that by allowing artists to dwell in their community, they complete the whole system and making things better in many ways. Basically it is a 24-hour space and although they have quite a large number of local take-ins, they will also be pushing for regional art parties to join their show which means that there will be several international events coming up.

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