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Artist sends artwork to space and will last billions of years

Technology and science have enabled many things in life and in art. Hence, it is no surprise that it is now possible to do something out of the usual and this is just what artist Trevor Paglen had done when he spent the last 5 years working on a project which will send art into space. The piece of artwork is entitled ‘The Last Pictures’ and is essentially a collection of images where Paglen wants to tell the story to the distant future about how the show became possible.

The artwork was part of the entourage that went up to space on the communications satellite and from there, it would last for as long as it takes and if predictions are accurate, it would be 5 billion years or so.

Paglen decided to use this spacecraft because they are the longest-lasting things ever made and through his interest in this area, he found out that the geostationary satellites will continue to circle earth long after they are no longer used. Hence, the art that are kept there will continue to remain there for a long time.

He had worked with scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in coming up with nanofabrication techniques to inscribe the images so that they can last for billions of years and through the Ergen Family, owners of EchoStar Corp, he managed to get his project going. This means that literally, he had to learn about rocket science before his artwork was sent to space.

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