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November 7, 2012
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Brad Pitt turns furniture designer

While most Hollywood celebrities would turn to designer fashion apparel or into fragrances and perfume, Brad Pitt has made an unlikely turn when he decided to indulge in a new-found passion which was to create furniture for a luxury design house. He collaborated on this collection with Frank Pollaro, a renowned furniture designer in the United States where they came up with the works inspired by Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

Pitt said that he was has become inspired and drawn to furniture design to an extent of being obsessed with its quality and it was this that led him  to work with Pollaro whom he claims share the same type of obsession and interest in detail and design. There will be chairs, tables, bed and a marble-made bathtub which will be unveiled as part of the 12 piece collection between November 13th and 15th at the Pollaro furniture house in New York.

Speaking at an interview recently, Pitt sounded more like a designer than the man who brought movies like ‘The Fight Club’ and ‘Seven’ where he said that his works used and either geometric or circular fluidity of a single line much to the influence of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Glasgow Rose.

Before this, Pitt has been quite the designer himself when he worked with many renowned architects in creating affordable housing for victims of Hurricane Katrina with the ‘Make It Right’ foundation while he also self-designed his own diamond ring for his wife-to-be and Hollywood celebrity Angelina Jolie.

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