First All-Female Show ever for Saatchi Gallery

For anyone who knows the art scene across the world, London’s Saatchi Gallery will be no stranger. In fact, it has been known to be one of the most reputable and established art gallery in the world but come January 13, the Saatchi Gallery will be hosting its first all-female exhibition entitled ‘Champagne Life’.

The show will involve 14 emerging female artists from around the world where the name of the exhibition is inspired from Julia Wachtel, an American artist. The chief executive of Saatchi, Nigel Hurst said that women artists are not any different from women everywhere but it is perhaps the opportunities and public perception which makes the art scene usually dominated by male artists. As such, shows like these will surely give their female counterparts a platform to reach greater heights. In a recent audit, it was found that female only constitute 31% of the artist population of 134 commercial galleries in London.

This show however is not organized to promote any female-specific themes as one might come to expect.

The idea behind this is to bring together female artists from across the world and showcasing the different types of methods and techniques they use and giving the viewing public a sense of what to expect from female artists. For the record, the highest price ever paid for an artwork for a living female artist is for Yayoi Kusama at $7.1million while correspondingly, $58.4million was paid for a sculpture by Jeff Koons which shows the gap of pricing between the two genders.


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