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October 12, 2014
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Why is art so expensive?
June 18, 2015

Gallery owner, artist and lecturers arrested for stealing Chen Shi Jie’s paintings worth RM1.5m

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In what is one of the most high-profile art theft in the country, 6 painting worth about RM1.5 million were recovered by police from the KLIA International Airport.

The paintings belonged to 54 year old renowned China artist Chen Shi Jie who is more fondly known as Chen Da Wai.

What makes the case all the more startling is that 8 suspects were arrested by the police which include 4 women. One of them was a ‘Datuk’ and is an owner of an art gallery in Malaysia.

Besides that, another suspect is a full-time artists and 2 others are lecturers. The paintings were displayed at the Mountaineering Museum in Tibet and are known as national treasures. Chen’s works were supposed to be on show at the Sasaran International Art Festival where 2 of the paintings were used in postage stamps and telephone cards respectively in China.

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