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Karnival Seni Kreatif Kita kicks-off nationwide tour at Iskandar Malaysia

It seems that the Iskandar Malaysia region in southern state Johor is becoming quite the place to be in recent months. With world class theme parks like Legoland and premium brands for shopping, it will also be playing host to the upcoming ‘Karnival Seni Kreatif Kita’ which will be running between December 1st and 2nd at Bukit Layang-Layang in Pasir Gudang.

According to Datuk Ismail Ibrahim, it is an honour that Iskandar Malaysia is involved in the 2 day carnival which will be part of series of other related events involving other cities around Malaysia.  Co-organised by the MYPAA (My Performing Arts Agency) and the National Department for Culture and Arts, it is supported by the host Iskandar Regional Development Authority together with Pemandu (Performance Management Delivery Unit) of the Prime Minister’s Department and the Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture which is aimed to promote performing arts and culture in the country.

The Karnival Seni Kreatif Kita which when translated means ‘Our creative arts carnival’ will be hosted in other cities next year and it will involve a wide range of performing arts and creative programmes for enthusiasts in an open space at no cost. According to Datuk Seri Kamauddin Siaraf, the secretary-general of the Ministry, they are planning more than 300 performer and 30 shows at each of the venues, starting from the one in Iskandar Malaysia. for this, there will be performances from the likes of Lawak ke Der (Harith Iskander, Sepah and others) and Cuci the Musical Starlight Cinema while there will also be art bazaars, workshops, storytelling sessions and many more.

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