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November 6, 2012
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November 7, 2012

National Visual Arts Gallery promotes graffiti art with 60 meter wall

Some 29 young artists were recently invited to ‘redecorate’ a wall at the National Visual Arts Gallery (NVAG). This was seen as a truly unique move by NVAG as it is not often that the national body of art would embark into something as unconventional as this which was street art or more fondly known as graffiti.
As part of its efforts to promote and support emerging and more contemporary art among the local art scene a programme was drawn and held for the 29 young artists to strut their stuff onto the 60 meter wall outside the building which would run through 2 days and did they deliver through rain or shine.

The artists who are involved in the project were Adam Jamal, Ajim, Amirfaiz, Anisha, Anokayer, Bibichun, Damis, Donald, Escape, Ishak, Joanne, Jojo, Khairi, Mahsun, Manje, Medea, Mohd Azizi, Mohd Zaki, Mun, Noyz, Orkibal, Pakery, Paul, Raduan, Rash, Reeze, Sham, Snozze and Yumz where they contributed in their own creative way that included contemporary and traditional techniques respectively.

The artists should be commended for their determination and effort to ensure the success of the project after heavy rain came down on both days and despite causing them much hardship and obstacles, they pressed on and the finished mural became one of the most remarkable piece of collaborative art work one would have ever seen.

According Datuk Mohd Yusof Ahmad, despite being often associated with vandalism, graffiti art has in recent years grown to become quite a strong art movement itself and in Malaysia, it is gradually gaining popularity and attention of art lovers. It is also recognized and accepted as a genre in art together with the likes of other movements and techniques. Programmes like these would surely dispel the negative perceptions people have about graffiti art and the NVAG now stands testimony

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