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November 8, 2012
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November 8, 2012

Penang State Museum Board to go for ISO Certification in Artefact Management

The Penang State Museum Board recently told the Penang state assembly that they are currently reviewing their storage system for art and artefacts. This would involve the standardisation of its procedures in artefact management in its collection and archive. In order to achieve this, they are looking to go for the highest accreditation which will be to obtain the MS ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Won Hon Wai, the chairman of the Penang state’s Town and Country, Planning, Housing and Arts Committee told the assembly that the Penang State Museum, which holds an impressive list of art and artefact in its collection is currently working out a list of any of the work that needs to be restored. After that it will be seeking the advice from the restoration specialist of the Museum Department for further action.

Won said this during the 2012 Penang budget wrap-up speech where he added that the damaged artefacts will then be presented to the Museum Board of Penang on the appropriate action and for disposal purposes. It was found that the current historical artefact management undertaken by the state museum has been satisfactory based on the audits that were carried out between June and September last year. With that, there has been plans and initiatives which have been identified and implemented to ensure that the art and artefacts are stored and archived properly. On top of that, such initiatives were also implemented to improve the procedure of storing such valuable items so that they remain in their best possible condition in the future.

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