Rainbow of Arts in the Year of the Dragon on show by Perak artists

The Soka Gakkai Malaysia in Ipoh recently featured 90 pieces of watercolour paintings in a group exhibition entitled ‘Rainbow of Arts in the Year of the Dragon’. The exhibition was held together with the Perak Art Society that ran for 3 days. There was a Chinese traditional dance and ‘4 Seasons’ drums performance by members of SGM Perak attended by Mr Wong Kean Choon, the president of PAS and Phang Chew who is the Treasurer. SGM Perak was represented by Lai Soo Ha, the president and it involved some of the best works of artists of the northern state.

Among the works that were exhibited at the ‘Rainbow of Arts in the Year of the Dragon’ include the paintings ‘Happy Gathering of Turkeys’ and ‘Old Tin Mine’ by Wong Kean Choon, ‘Limestone Hills’ by Tham Peng Choon, ‘Among the Green Hills’ by Keh Wat Eng, ‘Evening in a Fishing Village’ by Choy Chee Woon as well as ‘Daybreak at Hong Kong Harbour’ by Loo Win.

Essentially, hills were one of the most popular subject matter painted by the artists while there were also other related objects and sceneries like flowers, pigeons, kampong houses, rivers as well as some nostalgic scenes like the ‘Panglima Lane’ of 1947 Ipoh as painted by Wong Thien Yow. It was quite an exciting and interesting show that showcased the intricate elements of watercolour art where according to Lai, it exudes the patience, perseverance and a love for nature among the artists who painted them using this medium.


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