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November 8, 2012
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November 8, 2012

Trick Art Museum lets you finish painting the Mona Lisa, among others

If there is one place that one should go for fun and creativity, it would be the Trick Art Museum in i-City, Shah Alam. This would be a clever and truly intelligent gallery which is deceiving and yet very exciting. If one did not know, it would have been assumed that the Trick Art Museum is an art gallery which is luxurious and very prestigious.

However, a closer look insider will surely change the perception of the visitor because the space has used shadows and lighting to create an illusion of such. There would be tour guides at the museum which will bring the visitors on where to go and what to look out for because using clever 3D effects and certain types of artistic manipulation, one could be finishing the Mona Lisa painting, walking down a stairs to nowhere or even walking a plank and kissing a fish.

The museum is housed within a 743 square meter space and there are 5 themes here which are Egyptian, Sea Life, Modern Classic, Masterpieces and Animal Kingdom. More than 10 international artists were involved to paint the masterpieces and in the creation of this unique museum.
i-City has become quite an attraction among Malaysians since it was opened in 2009 and the Trick Art Museum is become one of the main draws of the township. It would surely allow the visitor to explore their imagination, turn on their creativity while having fun with all that it has to offer in this art gallery which is one-of-its-kind and probably the only one of such in the world.

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