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November 2, 2012
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November 2, 2012

Winner of ‘Fun Exploration with Kuntum and Dutch Lady School’ contest a seasoned contestant in competitions.

Alini Balqis Azizul, a 7-year old girl’s determination and creativity paid off when she travelled 7 hours from Pasir Gudang in Johor to Pahang’s state capital to join a colouring contest. It was a trip well worth it after having missed out on the contest that was held at her hometown in Johor organized by children education publication Kuntum in collaboration with Dutch Lady. Some 1,2000 schoolchildren joined the “Fun Exploration with Kuntum and Dutch Lady School” themed colouring competition.
Not willing to let the opportunity go, Alini and her mother decided to take a drive up to Kuantan to join the competition there. Her 40-year old mother Shamsuriah Saari said that her daughter, who studies at SK Kopok Pasir Gudang did not actually expect to win the competition and it came as a surprise to both of them. Alini has been joining colouring contests since the age of 5 and has been winning numerous competitions ever since.
In fact, she has been spending weekends joining countless competitions and had only taken art classes for 3 months before exploring on her won. Shamsuriah added that Alini has brought home many prizes that include 7 bicycles. At the Kuantan edition, she won the First Prize in the Category A segment while in Category B, 12 year old Low Xue Qi took home the top prize. Low said that she joined the competition through her love for art and not just to win although it came as a surprise and surely a bonus to her.

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