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Muralist revs up his art in business signs in Long Beach

The mural art form has often been regarded as one of the major movers of the art scene and it is one of the very popular ones around. However, Roy Herweck, who is a renowned mural artist in his own accord decided to push the boundaries further when he turned business signs into a form of art. This was what he did at the Red Leprechaun at 4000 E. Anaheim St. Herweck in Long Beach.

The 68 year old muralist’s work is seen across the city today where he has already been painting murals in more than 40 restaurants and 30 other businesses including the likes of Timmons Volkswagen, Mariposa Restaurant and Polly’s Coffee. He has also been involved with homes and apartments where his artwork are spanned across garages, decks and such.
The one at the Red Leprechaun meanwhile provided the canvas for his work at their business sign which was hand-painted on the Irish-American pub. Other works that Herweck has been involved in include those commissioned by the Redevelopment Agency of Long Beach in which he painted on the walls of the Atlantic Avenue and on Market Street’s Verizon Building where he surfed up a panoramic view of the ocean, Queen Mary and its beautiful surroundings.

Art has provided Herweck a way out of joining the Vietnam War when he painted the mural at the mess hall and then continued on to paint portraits of generals and others. Today, he makes a living out of painting murals and business signs are just one of his main forte.

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