Shows to look out for around Art Stage Singapore

Art Stage Singapore has excited everyone related in the art scene in a regional and global scale. Here is a look at some of the shows to take note of around Singapore during the days leading to the big show.

Singapore Contemporary – This new art fair is going to be held at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Center and is touted as the platform to showcase Singaporean artists during the ‘other’ bigger event.

ArtScience Museum – This is where you can view the Prudential Eye Awards Exhibition which is being run for the third year now.

FOST Gallery – A solo show entitled ‘My Forest Has No Name’ is set for 16th January and for most part of February by Donna Ong.

Gillman Barracks – A pop-up art exhibition entitled ‘Scout’ is on show here for days before Art Stage until the 24th. This involves 25 emerging Singaporean artists and could be a springboard for them towards a larger scale.

Sundaram Tagore Gallery – The gallery is hosting the show “Steve McCurry: The Iconic Photographs” which will run till 21st February. If you do not know, McCurry’s ‘Afghan Girl’ image in the June 1985’s edition of National Geographic has become an icon in itself.

Singapore Tyler Print Institute – Set to hold the exhibition ‘Freely, Freely’ by Jane Lee to run throughout January until early March.

Wei-Ling Gallery brings Malaysia art to Art Stage Singapore

Once again, Wei-Ling Gallery is participating in the annual Art Stage Singapore 2016 which is set to be held at the Marina Bay Sands Exhibition Centre. Representing the Malaysian art scene, Wei-Ling will be involved in 2 levels of the fair this year.

The first will be at the main section of the fair while another is a solo project held at the Southeast Asia platform where the gallery is bringing a myriad of some of the country’s top artists. The main section is where people from all across the world gets to see what Malaysian art is all about as there will be a mixture of works by artists represented by the gallery.

There will be some new and old works on show that include those from Choy Chun Wei, Chin Kong Yee, Amin Gulgee, Yau Bee Ling and Ivan Lam while works by Chen Wei Meng, Stewart MacFarlane and Michal Macku will be on show as well.  Meanwhile, the Southeast Asia Forum will see the installation of Chong Kim Chiew with his ‘Badminton Court’ piece made through a life-size badminton court setting. This year, the Southeast Asia Forum is entitled ‘SEISMOGRAPH: Sensing the City – Art in the Urban Age’



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