2 art-conscious and public-spirited siblings recently came under the limelight after they took their own initiative to remove the wax that vandalised a popular mural at Armenian Street in Georgetown, Penang. The 2 are Tan Jia Hang, 20, and his sister Jia Shin, 19 who cleaned up the mess by vandals on the Mirrors George Town Street project curated by Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic.

The murals were put up by Zachrevic for the George Town Festival 2012 that had 2 children painted on the wall with a real life bicycle. It was reported that vandals had tried to smear the painting by using wax and drew headlines after that.

The 2 siblings in their own accord then used hot water and a penknife to clean the wax and restored it to its original beauty. The older brother, Jia Hang is currently studying at The One Academy pursuing his Diploma in Multimedia Design where he had dinner with his sister nearby. When they found out that it was only wax and not paint, they embark onto their own quest to clean up the mural.

Meanwhile, Jia Shin studies at the Equator Academy of Art said that it was not very difficult to remove the wax which took them about one and a half hour to complete.