So you are a new art collector, here are some tips

So, you are an art lover where you go to art shows, exhibitions and such and is overly impressed by those who are seemed to be flashing their cheque books on every piece of art they like. You wished you could do the same but you might not have the hundreds of thousands in your bank account. No worries as you still can be a small collector in your own accord. No doubt you need money to do this but you can always start small before venturing further, here are some tips on how.

First of all, look at the current economic situation

The market these days are very volatile where you will find that almost each time the market experiences a slow movement, they are saying that it is a recession. Whenever this happens, it will affect the buyers and sellers of art where people are not buying as much. At the same time, galleries will be giving discounts in their collection. If you have any spare cash, this is the best time to buy.

Apart from that, you can also start looking for new and emerging artists where they basically have no specific direction of where their careers are going

Some are looking for galleries to represent them while others are just joining group shows and such. One advantage to this is where you can discuss the terms of payment with the artist. One thing good about buying art from the emerging galleriess is that their works are still very early in their career and this is where they have put in more effort, passion and a lot more expression into their work.

Today’s art market is more saturated than before and you are no longer confined to just the galleries

Art fairs and expositions are very common while there are also art festivals being held annually. Locate these events and you will find that there are best places to spot new artists whose works are still unknown. If you find something you like, then it is a good place to buy. At art expos, you will also find that there are at least 20 galleries who are there displaying the works of the artists they represent.

Instalment plans are one of the best way to manage your finances. There are countless plans available through the banks today where you can purchase art in several instalments. This will allow you to buy the art that you like at a lower interest rate which you can afford without burning a hole in your pocket.

One of the very important factors that you must always remember is that not everything that is expensive is good in art

If you are buying art because you love art and that you want to keep them, you are looking for quality. You will find that established artists tend to be ‘lazier’ because they would have come a long way where whatever they paint or produce would be able to sell. The new and emerging ones are those who will put in every single inch of their technique into practice. This is where you will find that the art is more affordable and has a better future in your collection that those from the established artists.


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