The 3As you need to know about the artist

The 3As you need to know about the artist

As a collector, you must know what art you are buying from and from whom. This is the most natural and important information you will need before venturing out and paying for a piece of artwork. The artist is ultimately the producer of the body of work that interests you but there are certain things which you must know before you actually take out the cheque book and buying art blindly. Your evaluation of the artist can be in the following 3 As:

Naturally, the art is the most important factor you need to know about the artist. An artist is in the scene for a specific reason. Some are there only to sell and make a lot of money, some are there because of their passion for art, some are there by accident while others take calculated steps to get to where they are today. All the artists have a specific persona where their body of work tells you much about their influence, techniques and how they perceive their world around them. Their body of work which are produced using different techniques are the ones which makes them stand out among one another.

An artist can be a printmaker, an oil painter, an installation artists or whatsoever where they are unique in their own accord. While not all artist might remain the same over the years, their artistic influence, techniques and methods are what distinguish them and establish them in the art scene of a specific market.

An artist who starts off as a watercolour artist and is still a watercolour artist after 20 years is one who had not really advanced. While not all artists like to change their style and persona, there must be improvement and advancement in their personalities. This can be a giant leap in their expertise or could be a move away totally from their beginnings. When buying art from a particular artist, you must not be surprised that an artist might have started off in a specific area where they are experts in (probably graduated in that technique) but have since moved on to more sophisticated methods or one which is totally different. This means that the artist have come through a different path from where they began where they have matured and grown into new areas which they can specialize on. This shows the intention of the artist to grow and not remain stagnant.

Awards and accolades
An established artist is one which is recognized not only by the gallery and the collector but also by the industry. If an artist have won art awards in the industry, their name would have been known throughout the art scene. As awards are not as frequent as desired, they are by no means the only way to judge if the artist is recognized. The art might have been involved in auctions where it fetched a very high price before falling under the hammer. Such information are readily available which will help you to know a bit more about the artist. Apart from that, an artist could also have been involved with charity work where their names would be mentioned and reported through the media. These awards and accolades are important because it gives you a clear picture that the artist is not only in the industry to make money but to roll on their passion for art as well.


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