Sketch  is a rough outline drawing that is not intended as a final work. It is  one of the quickest ways to store an inspiration for

WOMEN:100 Photography Exhibition

Featuring a photography exhibition of the recently concluded 100 hours of performing arts with the theme of WOMEN:100 in conjunction with the International Women’s Day recently,

Cabaret by PAN Productions

Directed by Nell Ng with Nish Tham as the musical director, the upcoming play ‘Cabaret’ will see an ensemble of actors including Stephanie Van Driesen, Peter

Acrylic Painting

Acrylic Painting  techniques work with polymer-based acrylic paint. A fast-drying paint  suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion, acrylic paint can be diluted with  water. The unique characteristic

Watercolour Painting

Watercolour is a painting method in which paints are made of colour floating in a water soluble medium. The common support for watercolour paintings are paper,

Angela Hijjas

Angela Hijjas is perhaps one of the most distinguished movers in the Malaysian art scene. Married to renowned architect Hijjas Kasturi, the high profile couple has

The Dasein Academy of Art

The Dasein Academy of Art is one of the established institutes of higher education that offers academic qualifications in the arts. The name Dasein is derived

creative art award

Creative Art Award

Shortlisted participants who submitted their best design of number ‘3’ attended the On-The-Spot Art Competition, which has been held at selected locations around Malaysia, namely Penang

TopArt School of Art

The TopArt School of Art is one of the most established art schools that has been operating in Malaysia for more than 2 decades. The school

Istana Budaya

The Istana Budaya epitomises the growing popularity of the performing arts in Malaysia. This historical organisation dates back to 1964 during the proposal for the National

OACC Gallery

OACC Gallery

Located on the second floor of Bangunan Elken, the OACC main gallery is one of the major art spaces in the Klang Valley. Here is where

67 Tempinis Gallery

67 Tempinis Gallery

The 67 Tempinis Gallery is the brainchild of Ng Seksan, a renowned figure in the Malaysian art and design scene. Seksan is one of the most

Khing Art Center

The Khing Art Center is perhaps one of the most unique children art centres in Malaysia today Established in 1996, the Khing Art Cener brings with

NN Gallery

NN Gallery

The NN Gallery is one of the most established art galleries in Malaysia. Set up in 1996, the gallery is a privately owned space where it

Instant Cafe Theatre Company

Formed in December 1989, the Instant Cafe Theatre Company is perhaps one of the most established performing arts centres in Malaysia. This is because it was

Joy Arts

Joy Arts is a children’s art centre which is established to offer some of the best courses for children to indulge in art and craft. It


The Globalart Learning programme is perhaps one of the most distinguished children art centres in Malaysia and the region today. It was established based on the

The One Academy

The One Academy is one of the major institutes of higher education in Malaysia which is very popular for its design courses. Formerly known as The

Ode to Art Gallery

Ode to Art Gallery

The Ode To Art gallery is one of the most recently established art galleries to enter the Malaysian art scene and holds a modern and contemporary

PJ Live Arts

The PJ Live Arts is one of the most recently established performing arts centre in the Klang Valley Located in Petaling Jaya, one of the most

The Japan Foundation

The Japan Foundation

The Japan Foundation is an important effort in promoting cultural and art exchange between Japan and other countries where it operates from its Kuala Lumpur office.

PJ College of Art & Design (PJCAD)

The PJ College of Art and Design or also known as PJCAD is a design-focused college and a part of one of the largest private education

Victorian Theatre Company (VTC)

Although the VTC or Victorian Theatre Company is one of the lesser known performing arts centres in Malaysia, it has been actively participating in this creative

The Actors Studio @ Lot 10

The Actors’ Studio is perhaps one of the most recognizable names in the performing arts industry of Malaysia. Set up in April 1989, it has underwent

Saito College

Saito College is one of the longest established art colleges in Malaysia. Known to be one of the pioneers in the country to offer specialized design

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