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Bakat Muda Sezaman – Art Expo 2019

The National Visual Arts Gallery is now hosting the 25th edition of the Young Contemporary Award or BMS (Bakat Muda Sezaman) exhibition. This year, the theme

Art Expo Malaysia 2019

The Art Expo Malaysia is back for 2019. This time, the 13th International Art Expo Malaysia or AEM will again be held at the MECC or

Masks Of The World – Art Expo 2018

The Muzium Mersing in Johor is hosting an art expo entitled Pameran Topeng Sedunia or Masks of the World. This show is a unique exhibition which

Buddhist Art Exhibition – Art Expo 2018

The Buddhist Gem Fellowship is hosting an art expo, The Buddhist Art Exhibition. This show features the works of Nepali artist, Bhikkhu Uttamo. The artist, who

Hakuna Montana – Art Festival 2018

Shunag Xi is hosting an art jamming session entitled Hakuna Montana. This is a collaborative session that will bring together some of the renowned street artists

Diri – ArtAid 2018 – Art Expo 2018

The annual charity exhibition ARTAID is back. Organized by the Malaysian AIDS Foundation or MAF, this year will be exploring the theme of ‘diri’ or self

This is Home – Art Expo 2018

2 Hang Kasturi is hosting a special one-of-a-kind exhibition entitled This is Home. This show features the works that document the journey of refugees of how

Art Bazaar 2018 – Art Festival 2018

The Bank Negara Malaysia’s Museum is hosting the Art Bazaar 2018. This is going to be a great show which will be promoting local female artists.

Hello, One Piece – Art Expo 2017

Cube_1 at Isetan, The Japan Store is hosting an art expo entitled Hello, One Piece. Anyone who knows or read Japanese comics will surely have seen

Art Expo Malaysia 2018

The annual AEM or Art Expo Malaysia is back for the 2018 edition. This is supposedly the longest-running international art fair in Southeast Asia. There will

Transparent Nets – Art Festival 2018

The Lostgens’ Contemporary Art Space is bringing the Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo 17/18 in Malaysia by featuring the works of 3 Japanese artists. This show is

Himpun – Art Festival 2018

There is a celebration of Malaysian art and craft entitled Himpun held at the Departure Hall of klia2 in Sepang. This event brings together Malaysia’s best

KL Biennale – Art Festival 2018

The widely anticipated KL Biennale is currently going on in various locations around the Klang Valley. Art lovers can expect to experience the Malaysian art scene

Islamic Bookbinding – Art Expo 2017

The Islamic Arts Museum is hosting a unique exhibition on Islamic Bookbinding. This is one very special facet of Islamic art which seeks to educate the

Prophesee – Art Expo

The One Academy in Sunway is hosting an art expo entitled Prophesee. This show will feature the works of students in the Diploma in Illustration course.

Bebast ArtAid17 – Art Festival 2017

The Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF) is hosting an event to raise funds entitled Bebas. This exhibition will feature works by 35 local artists who will be

Alam dan Guru – Art Expo 2017

The National Visual Arts Gallery is hosting an art expo entitled Alam dan Guru. This show, which means Environment and Teacher refers to the place where

The Gift of Knowledge – Art Expo 2017

The Piyadasa Gallery in University Malaya is hosting an art expo entitled The Gift of Knowledge. This show features some works that are devoted to Durai

Inception – Art Expo 2017

HOM Art Trans is hosting an art expo entitled Inception. This show is the result of a programme called So You Want To Be In An

Art for Grabs 2017 – Art Festival

The Art for Grabs is back! This year, the theme for this highly anticipated event is ‘Laundromat of Love!”. Held at The School in Petaling Jaya,

Invisible Women – Art Expo 2018

The Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) is hosting an art expo entitled Invisible Women. This show aims to showcase through art how women are sidelined and discriminated

Discovering Beauty – Art Expo 2016

SGM is hosting an art expo entitled Discovering Beauty. This show features the works of a group of international and local artists putting up works in

Art Stage Singapore 2017 – Art Expo

The Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre is currently the host of the prestigious Art Stage Singapore 2017. From Malaysia, Wei-Ling Galley this year is

Ecstasy – Art Expo 2017

The Welkin Canvas is hosting an international group art show entitled Ecstasy. This show will feature the different styles and techniques from artists at the Jalan

Refraction – Art Expo 2017

Our Art Projects is hosting a graduate art exhibition entitled Refraction. This show features the works of 5 graduates from The One Academy in the Fine

Restrospektif James Sum – Art Expo 2016

The Penang State Art Gallery is hosting an art exhibition entitled Restrospektif James Sum. This show features about 100 of the best from the London-based Penang

ArtAid 16 – Art Festival 2016

The MAF or Malaysian AIDS Foundation is hosting an art festival entitled ARTAID16. This show is a charity event participated by 45 Malaysian artists. The artwork

Art Expo Plus 2016

The annual Malaysian Art Expo is back and will be in its 10th edition. This year, it is called the Art Expo Plus 2016. Held at

Christmas Special – Art Festival 2016

The Central Market Kuala Lumpur will be hosting a Christmas Special festival this coming Christmas eve. Take the opportunity to bask in the Christmas spirit with

Ni Art Week – Art Festival 2016

The Abby Hotel by the River Town in Ipoh is hosting the first NI Art Week. This is an event that brings together a collection of

Mo Hui – Art Expo 2016

Malaysian artist Yee Sze Fok, together with 51 art students are showcasing their works in the exhibition entitled Mo Hui. This will be the eighth biennial

1MCAT Art Bazaar – Art Festival 2016

Held at the National Visual Arts Gallery is the 1MCAT Art Bazaar. This is part of the bigger festival held throughout November. The 1MCAT Art Bazaar

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