1000 Tiny Artworks – Group Show 2021

Start Date
December 17, 2021
End Date
December 19, 2021
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Held at The Back Room KL is a group art exhibition entitled ‘1000 Tiny Artworks’. As the name implies, this is a show that will feature 1,000 artworks (which are small). It ranges from visual art to graffiti, music and photography and anything else under the arts umbrella.

Contemporary Malaysian art on show

This is a collaboration between Studio Red Hong Yi and The Back Room KL. Red Hong Yi, better known as Red has been actively involved in the art scene recently most notably for her venture into NFTs after her successful stints in portrait art using everyday objects. This show is set to be held at the Zhongshan Building which will involve 100 Malaysian artists. Red is the curator of the show who coordinated with the artists to produce 10 artworks each. The requirement is that they have to be ‘tiny’, 10cm x 10cm to be exact.

Each piece of artwork will be for sale at RM100. This show was inspired by the Post-It Show in Los Angeles, USA. Red visited the show back in December 2019 which gave her the idea to curate a similar one here in Malaysia. At the Post-It Show, the artworks were sold at US$25 per piece, which was almost equivalent to RM100.

Red was inspired by how artists who were established and emerging had their works exhibited together and sold at a price that was affordable. For this show, the works will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Visitors are limited to a maximum of 5 pieces of artwork on the first 2 days and no limit after that.

Red had previously used Zhongshan for her projects throughout the year. There are some renowned artists involved in this show including the likes of Cheong Tuck Wai and Chang Yoong Chia while Kenji Chai, a popular street artist is involved as well. Ranging into a wide array of mediums, it also covers the works of textile artist Sheena Liam and the photography works of Annice Lyn. To make it more interesting, buyers do not know who the artist of the works is they are buying until after they have bought them. By staying anonymous, it gave the artists the platform to be more explorative and create art that they have not done previously. Visitors who wish to view the works need to book a slot due to crowd control measures.

  • Title: 1000 Tiny Artworks
  • Venue: The Back Room, Zhongsan Building, Jalan Rotan, Kampung Attap, Kuala Lumpur
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