Alism – Solo Exhibition by Ali Nurazmal at Core Design Gallery

Core Design Gallery will be hosting the third solo exhibition by Ali Nurazmal, one of the most exciting young and contemporary artists of his time. Aptly entitled ‘Alism’, the show will display some of the most compelling artworks of this artist and his new style of techniques that have garnered him much publicity in recent years.

Ali Nurazmal is one widely regarded as one of the fastest growing young contemporary artists today and this show is the fruit of his labour in the past year which will surely propel him to greater heights. By raising the bar higher each time he produce a piece of artwork, Ali sets a certain benchmark not only for himself but also for the art scene at large.
As an artist, Ali Nurazmal has often been associated with pushing the boundaries of conventional art form. His passion for the arts is no secret and stranger to those in the art scene. His latest solo show will be one that reflects his journey as an artist for the last 20 years. There will be 13 paintings on display, each of which are intricately made and painted with passion and very personal to the artist himself.

Although he has been in the art scene for almost 2 decades now, the local art scene began taking notice of this artist seriously in 2009 when he showed the world his first Caravaggio painting which was baffling and thought-provoking. Since then, Ali has been pushing the bar further with his work which often comes with its rustic impressions and colourful renderings, often reflecting the techniques of the old great masters. His alternative approach and sometimes lateral colouring of known objects (like green and red stripes on an apple) have become quite a signature for Ali and through this latest series of paintings, he is set to set the bar even higher.


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