Art Festival – Coffee and Art Fringe Festival Asia (CAFFA 2013) – 28th September 2013 – 29th September 2013

Art and coffee have always both been associated with each other. One is about culture and traditions while the other about enjoying the finer things of life. Both art and coffee are after all finer things in life.

So it is not surprising that both coffee and art become the main characters as premium art space and shopping mall Publika launches the first Coffee and Art Fringe Festival Asia 2013.

If you love art and enjoy your coffee, head out to Publika this weekend for the 2 day event where the inaugural festival will be the ideal place to appreciate all that which coffee the most popular drink today. Nestle’s Nescafe is the accompanying brand here and there will be some very innovative coffee related activities.

You can enjoy latte art jamming, pairing sessions and a special mixology competition with some experts. There will be the usual names of the coffee industry like Coffex Coffee, Espressolab, illy, Departure Lounge, Coffee Stain by Joseph and Barista Guild Asia, among others.

As for the art lovers, there will be live art murals on show from some of the current contemporary artists of Malaysia. Apart from that, you can enjoy some music and performances where there will be the Battle of the Bands. If you are thinking of buying art, the Fuyoh Art Bazaar will be on as well.

Opening Hours: Saturday and Sunday – 10.00am to 10.00pm



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