Formation of a Nation: A Photographic Flashback – Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

In conjunction with the recent 55th Merdeka Celebartions, the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia hosted an exhibition entitled ‘Formation of a Nation: A Photographic Flashback’ which is a photography exhibition. This is an event held together with the National Archives of Malaysia which was also held for the celebration of the 49th Malaysia Day.

The show will currently on-going and will be at the Museum until 29th November 2012 where it will involve a collection of 75 nostalgic black and white photographs. Essentially, as the name implies, it is an exhibition that showcases the rich history and the events surrounding the formation of Malaysia. The artwork here also demonstrates the symbol and importance of the national flag and its colours which are red, blue, yellow and white each of which represents an important and unique element as well as the emblems of the crescent, the pointed stars and stripes.

This exhibition will surely instil a sense of patriotism among the viewers as they offer the sense of belonging and understanding of the struggles of the leaders to drive Malaysia to independence. There are also quotes from all the prime ministers who have been instrumental into developing Malaysia into what it is today.

The photographs that are on display at the ‘Formation of a Nation’ show are those that have not been exhibited to the public before that include the official visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Selangor in 1972, the captain of the Malaysian football team, the scene of Soh Chin Aun holding up the winning trophy in 1976 and many others all of which bring along the sense of pride of being Malaysians. This is a show which will give you a quick recap of the milestones of the Jalur Gemilang and to provide you with the desire to be part of this rich history.


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