Gorgeous Weaves by Carol Cassidy at Shalini Ganendra Fine Art

Coming up this October would be the latest series of work by Carol Cassidy set to be held at the Shalini Ganendra Fine Art in Petaling Jaya. The show will be quite a move away from the conventional where you will be able to witness the art work from one of the most renowned textile artist in the world today.

The show is entitled Gorgeous Weaves which is appropriately themed as you will be appreciating the works of a true artist who have gained much influences from Laos and as far away as Norway, Finland and South Africa. The exhibition starts on October 3rd and will run until November 15.

You might have come across some of her previous works before because although Carol studied weaving in Norway and Finland, it was in Laos that she found what she called the “weaver’s paradise” and to further indulge in her art, she would start Lao Textiles in Vientiane to cement a permanent place within the country.

Carol spent 8 years working in the Southern African continent where she worked in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana using her knowledge and experience as a textile consultant for development programs to help the indigenous women there. She also holds several degrees from the University of Michigan that includes Political Science, Women Studies and most prominently Fine Arts.

Through Lao Textiles, Carol has positioned it to be an internationally recognized brand of ikat scarves and shawls and other related products in its art form and is among one of the preferred brands with collectors, designers and even royalties from around the region. It is in the intertwining of her knowledge and experience that brings to this new exhibition that will see some new designs in silk. Her works have been seen in prominent places around the world and after Shalini Ganendra, it will be exhibited at the prestigious Textile Museum in Washington D.C next April.


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