Group Exhibition – 50 Shades of Malaysia – 27th August 2013 – 17th September 2013

To commemorate the upcoming Malaysia Day celebrations on September 16th, Artemis Art is hosting a group art exhibition entitled ’50 Shade of Malaysia’. This show will be featuring some of today’s established and emerging Malaysian contemporary artists where the name is taken from the age that Malaysia will be on that auspicious day.

A very significant element about this show is that it is part of the larger M50 Selamat Hari Malaysia project organized by the National Visual Arts Gallery. It will be Artemis Art’s contribution to this project in which it will project the views and expressions of the group of young Malaysian artists and their take on what half a decade of being Malaysia means to them.

As expected, there are 50 artists involved where each of them is contributing 1 art piece respectively. The theme that was thrown to them was in a question where they had to answer what they felt about Malaysia. Hence, with 50 pieces of work on show, there are actually 50 different perspectives, styles, expressions and surely 50 different ideas put together to showcase how different backgrounds and education can come together in the name of art to show unity in strength, culture and tradition.

Artists involved:
Abdul Aziz Mohd Suhaimi
Hazul Abu Bakar
Abdul Qahhar Abd Jalal
Izzat Aziz
Abs Lee
Khairunissa Zainal Abidin
Adam Kitingan
Khalil Makata
Aizat Amir
Lyia Meta
Alex Fong
Mohammad Faiz Mohamed Hauza
Amirfirdaus Ahamad Tarmizi
Mohammad Fazmee Mazlan
Adam Kitingan
Khalil Makata
Anddy Romeo Dulait
Mohd Hanif Hafiz
Anith Fatin Hafidzi
Muhammad Najib Tumiran
April Tsen
Nazmi Ismail
Azeem Idzham
Nazri TahirAzimuddin Abd Manaf
Nik Mohd Hazri
Celine Wong
Nik Mohd Shazmie
Chris Pereira
Nor Fadilah Mohd Khalil
Christine Dass
Nur Hanisah Zainal Abidin
Chuah Shu Ruei
Nurfiqah Mohd Qari
Celine Wong
Nik Mohd Shazmie
Crig Royno Francis (Cracko)
Shahrul Sahee
Eyasmin Hameed
Tan Vay Fern
Fahmi Taib
Teo Zye Keun
Faiz YunusTS Kwan (Aks Kwan)
Gerald Chong
TW Chang (Skinner)
Hady Aris
YuLi Yap
Harold “Egn” Eswar
Zaimuddin Aziz
Hashimah Abdullah (Shima Scarlett)
Zharif Hazwan


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