Group Exhibition – Exhibition of Creativity, Innovation, Technology, and Research in the Arts (E-CITRA) 2012 – 12th December 2012 – 12th January 2013

The Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts or FACE of UNIMAS (Universiti Malaysia Sarawak) is currently holding a group exhibition entitled ‘Reflection’ which is the central theme of their E-CITRA 2012 (Exhibition of Creativity, Innovation, Technology and Research in the Arts). It is held in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the university and will feature works of 28 artists cum researchers of FACA.

There will be several mediums involved that include paintings, sculptures, printmaking, photography, ceramic art, installation, textile, film and music as well as new media which will focus on the thinking process of the artists into translating their ideas into art.

The exhibition was supported by Petronas Sarawak which as organized for the lecturers and students of the FACA. According to Datuk Prof Khairuddin Abd Hamid, the vice-chancellor of the university, FACE is one of the most active departments in the institution where the lecturers share their creative expertise with the students and then use them to organize activities such as the E-CITRA which directly promotes the university and its programmes. The E-CITRA is an annual event which was established in 2005 to showcase and promote the creative works of everyone related to FACA including the academics and alumni.


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