Group Exhibition – Integrasi – Pameran Khas Sambutan 50 Tahun Malaysia – 25th August 2013 – 8th September 2013

As the country celebrates its independence on the 31st of August each year, a deeper thought and prominence is starting to grow towards another important date which is Hari Malaysia which falls on 16th September. This is the date when Sabah and Sarawak joined the Peninsular and which was when Malaysia was born.

The year was in 1963 and this year marks the 50th year that Malaysia became a nation and because of that, many art galleries are playing their part in enhancing the unity spirit and the sense of togetherness among Malaysians. What better way than to use art to unite Malaysians and to exude our own identity through our different culture and backgrounds.

This weekend, Malaysia celebrates Merdeka and for the next 2 weeks, the patriotic spirit will continue to flare with Hari Malaysia on the way.

Galeri Seni Mutiara is hosting the art exhibition ‘Integrasi – Pameran Khas Sambutan 50 Tahun Malaysia’ where it will show ‘integration’ among the various generations of Malaysian artists. The show is organized with the National Visual Arts Gallery together with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. Among those involved in this show are Cheung Pooi Yip, Khoo Cheang Jin, John Lee Joo For, Loo Hooi Nam, and Ng Bee and others.

Opening Hours: Daily – 12.00pm to 6.00pm





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