Group Show – AQAL – 21st October 2013 – 17th November 2013

The Segaris Art Center, one of the most recent art galleries in the Malaysian art scene is hosting a group show entitled ‘AQAL’. This is a graduate show from those in the Masters in Fine Arts of UiTM (Universiti Teknologi Mara) which has been churning out some of the most remarkable contemporary artists of our time.

AQAL is curated by 2 very prominent and renowned Malaysian artists Ramlan Abdullah and Jalaini Abu Hassan. It will cover 9 artists from the postgraduate course which will encompass 2D and 3D visual art pieces.

The title is inspired from the original word ‘akal’ which is a common Bahasa Malaysia term for ‘memory thought’. In this show, the artists showcase their own unique body of work which will include installations, paintings and even a screenshot video.

With the impressive curators involved and the intriguing title, the audience will surely be brought into a visual journey into the artists’ mindsets and their trail of thought when producing the artworks like A’yunni Muhammad’s ‘My Family Bonding’ installation and Hazra Ngah’s video among other works from the likes of Hawari Berahim, Jamil Zakaria, Scott Abas and Faizal Suhif who together with Suzlee Ibrahim are already well-known in the local art scene.

Artists Involved:
A’yunni Muhammad
Faizal Suhif
Hawari Berahim
Hazra Ngah
Jamil Zakaria
Khairudin Zainudin
Scott Abbas
Suzlee Ibrahim
Wan Mohd Zulkiflee

Opening Hours: Daily – 10.00am to 7.00pm


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