Group Show – Bersama – 7th October 2013 – 2nd December 2013

The Bank Negara Museum and Art Gallery is hosting a group art exhibition which is featuring the works of established contemporary artists of Malaysia and Indonesia. The show is entitled ‘Bersama’ which means ‘together’ which will be depicting the very notion of collaboration between artists of the 2 neighbouring countries.

It is a common practice and perception that art is the most common bridge that connects culture together and that is what the gallery is setting out to do with this show. One will be aware of the prestige and honour to be involved in a show organized by Bank Negara’s gallery, one of the most prominent collectors and movers of the Malaysian art scene.

This exhibition seeks to portray the similarities of the artists’ backgrounds and methods where both the nations share as well as the differences in art forms. It is in collaborations like this are dialogues and conversation of the arts are clearly seen and exhibited where artists from both sides have always looked to for ideas, inspiration and techniques while knowledge and technology transfer between them have been quite a common practice as well. Among the established names in this show includes Basoeki Abdullah from Indonesia and Hoessein Enas and Ahmad Zakii Anwar from our shores.

Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays – 10.00am to 6.00pm

Artists Involved:
AD Pirous
Ahmad Fuad Osman
Ahmad Zakii Anwar
Amri Yahya
Basoeki Abdullah
Chang Fee Ming
Hoessein Enas
Ibrahim Hussein
Jumaldi Alfi
Khaw Sia
Masnoor Ramli Mahmood
Nadiah Bamadhaj
Siti Zainon Ismail
Syed Ahmad Jamal
Tay Mo Leong


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