Group Show – Exclusive – 20th October 2013 – 30th October 2013

The A2 Gallery will be hosting a group exhibition from the 20th to the 30th of October. The show is entitled ‘Exclusive’ which will be featuring the latest works of 5 contemporary artists around the regional art scene today.

The artists involved are Tan Kai Sheuan, Jeff Jansen, Alfred Yeoh, Renny Cheng and Kahmei where it will be an ideal platform for them to showcase their own unique styles and body of work to the audience.

This would be the first time the artists are working together who is among the emerging and up-and-coming personalities in the Malaysian art scene and more prominently because they are from Penang. It will be an exciting and truly engaging project as the exhibition will start in Penang before moving to Kuala Lumpur to reach out to the other urban art lovers in the country while the gallery is planning for an overseas show as well.

There will be quite a distinctive collection of styles and influences where all 5 artists are seeking out to create their own persona in the art scene through the ‘Exclusive’ concept that allowed them to work closely with the gallery in depicting and spreading the value of art that can be seen through the likes of Kai Sheuan’s ‘Expressionless’ painting, Renny’s ‘Infinity No.24’ and the edgy Alfred Yeoh’s ‘Untitled’ piece.

Opening Hours: Daily – 10.00am to 6.00pm

Artists Involved:
Tan Kai Sheuan
Renny Cheng
Jeff Jansen
Alfred Yeoh



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