Group Show – Harmony of Imagination – 24th May 2013 to 7th June 2013

Start Date
April 4, 2014
End Date
April 4, 2014
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The Alyssa Galeri in Penang is currently hosting a 2-artist show entitled ‘Harmony of Imagination’. This is an exhibition which will be featuring some very interesting Tazhib artworks of Solmaz Azimi Alamdari and Elham Rabar, 2 very talented Iranian artists which will involve some 20 pieces of artwork from the middle-eastern culture.

The show will be displaying the rich heritage and styles of the Persian art form that will include a combination of different artistic expressions like calligraphy, decorations and such.

It would be quite an amazing show to learn more about the Persian art culture and methods which dates back to between 224 and 650AD. The theme of Tazhib which means gilding comes from the Arabic word ‘Zahab’ which means gold. This art form comes from the traditional method used as margins in holy books and poetic literature and has since evolved to become a unique art form in itself.

Tazhib would eventually become an important part of Islamic art where it would be used in Holy Scriptures, mosques and carpets and would become a lot of prominent under the Timurid dynasty. Both artists adopt their own was of interpreting their art although the body of work are somewhat similar but there are a lot to digest and appreciate for the art enthusiast.

Opening Hours – Mondays to Saturdays – 10.00am to 6.00pm

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