Group Show – Integrated Dialog Watercolor Exhibition – 11th October 2015 to 25th October 2015

integrated dialogThe Warren Art Gallery is hosting a group art exhibition entitled ‘Integrated Dialog Watercolor Exhibition’ held at Menara Ample West, Kuala Lumpur. This show brings together 19 artists from Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. In total, there are 38 paintings on show which will exhibit the different styles and expressions using watercolor of the 3 countries.

Opening Hours: Daily – 11.00am to 7.00pm

Artists Involved:

Alex Leong Yim Kuan
Chua Cha Hui
Chua Cheng Koon
Chow Chin Chuan
Chia Seng Chai
Tan Suz Chiang
Tang Mun Kian
Dr Wong Seng Tong
Yong Look Lam

Phan Cam Thuong
Vu Pham Truong Minh
Ha Manh Thang
Doan Xuan Tang
Doan Hoang Lam
Luu Bao Trung
Truong Van Ngoc
Vuong Van Thao

Direk Kingnok
Suwit Jaipom


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