Group Show – Iron Forest – 21st September 2013 – 27th October 2013

Modern art encompasses various forms and digital media has been a pivotal driver of this discipline in recent years. Hence, it is not surprising to see contemporary art spaces like the Whiteways Arcade coming up with a sound-scape installation show featuring musician Chris Golinski and Ween Fung Kang, an architect by profession.

The show is titled ‘Iron Forest’ where it projects a place to ‘visit’ that gives audience the experience through a walk along self-discovery and auditoary creativeness. The show is organized in collaboration with Light-Up Media and the Arts or more fondly known as LUMA where it seeks to call for a creative solution for the issue of waste in today’s society.
For the show, discarded construction materials, plastics and bottles were used to build the artwork that took 2 weeks to construct. According to Gollinski, he had envisioned this type of collaboration back in his home in the US with some adjustments for practicality.

Through the installation, musical sounds are created monitored by a computer where Kang said that it will provide the audience with an appreciation platform for items that are usually discarded and regarded as useless. By integrating art and music, it will help to promote the creative reuse of these items.

Opening hours: Wednesdays to Sundays: 11am to 5pm

Artists involved:

Chris Golinski
Ween Fung Kang


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