Group Show Nun Wa Al Qalam Contemporary Muslim Calligraphy : The Collection Of The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia – 10th December 2013 – 10th May 2014

The Islamic Arts Museum is one of the most prominent spaces in Asia which showcases all types of art, culture and history of Islamic world. As part of its ongoing efforts, the museum will be presenting its collection of Islamic arts in a group exhibition entitled ‘Nu Wa Al Qalam Contemporary Calligraphy’. This show is derived from the collection of the museum with regards to the title and how it is seen in today’s art scene.

Calligraphy has often been associated with Islamic art and it is fitting that a show like this is put up to showcase how this beautiful writing style is influencing the contemporary art world as it has been doing for decades now.
The rich culture and heritage of Islamic arts have inspired audiences around the world where the very nature of the writing is amazing enough. Calligraphy has been the central unifying factor in the Islamic world, focusing on the Holy Qu’ran and inspiring decades of artwork.

This show brings together artworks of 36 artists who come from 8 countries with a central theme and that is what makes the show so unique and amazing because despite the difference in time and styles, the language and medium remains the same, Islam and Art.


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