Group Show – New Waves, Korea – 5th December 2013 – 21st December 2013

Among the many art galleries in Malaysia, not many works so well in bridging artists around the region as much as how Taksu KL does. After all, this very well established art gallery is among the most reputable and renowned ones today with a presence in Kuala Lumpur, Bali and Singapore, making such collaborations easier and more possible.

In the upcoming show, Taksu KL is venturing further to Korea. The group exhibition is entitled ‘New Waves, Korea’ which will be featuring contemporary Korean art to the Malaysian art crowd. The show is co-organized by Taksu and the Art Angel Company from Seoul.

The New Waves show will involved 3 contemporary Korean artists namely Kunju Kim, Sang-Taek Oh and Sung-Chul Hong who will be showcasing some very unique and original artworks at this space.

The message behind this show is to project the inner voice of people in societies today who chase success but constantly lacking in something. The artists are renowned and established in their own country in which there are known for their highly creative body of work and concepts which are original, exciting and thought-provoking where they use their own unique methods of expression to address these issues that are so evident the modern world.
Opening Hours: Mondays – Saturdays : 10am – 7pm
Closed on Sundays or by appointment only

Artists Involved:
Kunju Kim
Sang-Taek Oh
Sung-Chul Hong


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