Group Show – Seni Kontemporari Johor 2013 – 25th August 2013 – 23rd September 2013

The Art Gallery of Johor is currently hosting a group exhibition entitled ‘Seni Kontemporari Johor 2013’. This show is organized to showcase what contemporary art is all about particularly in the context of the Malaysian art scene.
This exhibition will feature some of the most renowned names in Malaysian contemporary art today. The exhibition is held in conjunction with the current 1MCAT (1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism) 2013 festival and is held at one of the most prestigious art spaces in the country.

This show follows the slogan of ‘Apresiasi Seni Visual Kontemporari, Sejarah dan Warisan Johor’ which means ‘Appreciation for the Contemporary arts, history and heritage of Johor’ where it will showcase the unique body of work of the artists which projects contemporary art in general. There are 40 artists involved in this show where some 60 pieces of artwork are on display.

Generally, there are drawings, printmaking, paintings, mixed media and many other types of medium used by all the artists involved in this show. Apart from being part of 1MCAT, it is part of the 50th Malaysia Day celebration as well as the 25th anniversary of the Yayasan Warisan Johor in which most of the works are in the collection of this organization between 2001 and 2011.

Opening Hours: 10.00am to 6.00pm

Artists involved:
Allahyarham Dato’ Syed Ahmad Jamal
Yusof Ghani
Ahmad Zaki Anuar
Dato’ Mahsun Taib
Siti Zainon Ismail
Fatimah Chik
Yusof Othman
Sanip Lasman
Jamil Mat Isa
Nezam Rahmat
Shamsudin Wahab
Fauzul Yusri
Sabariah Bt Omar
Ahmad Farihan Ahmad Mawardi
Mohd Ali Azraie
Azli B Wahid
Mohd Farhan Zainal Abidin
Mohamed @ Mohamad Haji Hassan
Mohamad Rosman Mohd Rukani
Nor Alisa Abd Rahman
Umi Baizura
Baharim Samuri
Rosli Zakaria
Zaim Durulaman
Tai Poi San
Suhaidi Razi
Wee Chiang Lung
Azman Hilmi
Hadi Salleh
Chekri Mansor
Fakrul Zaman
Mohd Nor Azlan
Nor Anita Abdullah
Abdul Latiff Ahmad Padzli
Mohd Qhazriz Qhazwan B Fauzi
Levide Lim Kian Huat
Abdul Rizal Khan
Adabiyatul Hilaliyah Othman
Khatijah Idris


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