Group Show – Table 312 – 4th January 2013

A group exhibition entitled ‘Table 312’ will be held at the Milestone Trainings on January 4th. This show is made up of a group of artists who come from different backgrounds to showcase their works to the Malaysian public and doing their part to help an orphanage.

The group is made up of Alaa Bashiti from the Middle East, Sabahan Dymphna Lanjuran and Lena Lim and Alvin Chan who are form Kuala Lumpur. This collaboration shows the different styles from the artists in expressing themselves where 20% of the sale of art pieces will be channeled to Ephratha Home or Pertubuhan Kebajikan Ephrata in Rawang.

The Ephrata Home is an orphanage that provides shelter for 30 children. It was established in 2005 and is currently in dire need of funds to continue operations. To cover the overheads, Ephratha Home needs RM7,400 monthly in order to pay the salaries of the staff, bills, medical and other basic expenses. As such, the show is an extremely important event which could help the Home to continue providing for the children who come from very poor backgrounds. The Table 312 Art Exhibition will be graced and officiated by the Palestinian Ambassador who will be arriving at 10.00am.

Opening Hours: 10.00am to 6.00pm

Artists Involved:
Alaa Bashiti
Dymphna Lanjuran
Lena Lim
Alvin Chan



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