Group Show – No Talking Points 2 – 31st October 2013 – 23rd November 2013

Taksu Kuala Lumpur will be hosting a group exhibition entitled No Talking Points 2 from the 31st of October until the 23rd November 2013. This show will follow the success of No Talking Points held at the same space around this time last year that brought together 7 exciting who among them are involved in this edition as well.

No Talking Points 2 will showcase the works of 7 contemporary artists from the Philippines. They are Nilo Ilarde, Bernardo Pacquing, Cris Villanueva, Elaine Navas, Juan Alcazaren, Lyle Buencamino and Pete Jimenez, all of whom are established artists in their own respective fields.
The title is drawn from the process of art making that implies either the absence of a shared framework or in areas where agreement is reached. There will be some very interested works of art from the artists who put forth their own signature methods and techniques who in recent years made this show one which projects an appropriate platform for showcase of their artistry. The artists all have their own methods in engaging the viewer while working along a similar direction of the central theme. Hence, there are paintings, sculptures and several other mediums that are exhibited to express the unique culture of our neighbouring artists.

Opening Hours:
Mondays – Saturdays : 10am – 7pm
Closed on Sundays or by appointment only

Artists Involved:
Nilo Ilarde
Bernardo Pacquing
Cris Villanueva
Elaine Navas
Juan Alcazaren
Lyle Buencamino
Pete Jimenez




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